Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids

Benefits to the Skin

By Richard Shereff, MD | Jun 14, 2019


There are stories that Cleopatra bathed in Sour Milk to enhance her beauty. This actually has scientific validity as such a bath would have contained lactic acid to soften her skin and make it appear more youthful.

Derived from apples and other fruits.
It is the ingredient that makes fruits have a tart flavor. So green apples have more malic acid than red ones. A number of studies published in the 1990s and early 2000s indicate that malic acid may increase collagen production and repair signs of aging in the skin caused by UV exposure (too much sun).

• Dermasensa cleansers and Toners are Active

• Most contain Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

• These ingredients help get the old dead skin cells OFF your face

• They can help speed up the process of old dead skin cells being replaced by new young ones. 

• With fewer old dead skin cells hanging around and more new young skin cells coming up sooner, you’re going to look younger and better

• These ingredients also help control your skin from making too much oil. 

• With less oil and less dead skin hanging around, your pores will appear smaller, and get blocked less often which will reduce blackheads and acne blemishes. 

• DS DERMSENSA is the FIRST brand to bring a full line of USA Cosmeceutical skincare to China that includes Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids. 


Derived from sour milk. 
Our doctors often recommend Lactic Acid for Keratolytic therapy – to help loosen and shed build up of dead skin, such as rough patches on elbows. Glycolic and Lactic Acid also soften keratin, a major component of the skin. This serves to improve the skin's ability to bind moisture and helps skin feel softer. Lactic Acid is a great ingredient for chronically dry skin. Dermasensa’s dry skin cleanser “AHA+” includes Lactic Acid. 

Both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acid help exfoliate the skin and improve the skin’s natural DESQUAMATION CYCLE.  Beta Hydroxy Acid also helps to regulate Sebum Production. SEBUM is the medical name for the natural oil the skin produces. So skin that is producing too much oil can be controlled by using products that contain Beta Hydroxy Acid. 

Are all derived from natural sources. There are 3 that our doctors prefer to use in our skincare formulas. 

Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids



Derived from sugar cane. 
Glycolic Acid has the smallest molecule of all the AHA’s. This allows for better penetration into the skin. It is traditionally well tolerated and an ideal active ingredient for exfoliation and improvement of the desquamation cycle. 

The exception of our sensitive cleanser, (SC+) all Dermasensa cleansers and toners are “Active.”  In Cosmeceutical terms, this means that they effect the skin and have ingredients that penetrate the skin. For customers that have very sensitive skin, they will find SC+ a fantastic, soothing, gentle cleanser. And they can still get great benefits from our serums and moisturizers, most of which will be well tolerated and can be used by any skin type. 

The main “Actives” we use in our cleansers and toners are: 

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