Science Reveals Travel is Good for Health

Part one of a series

By Jen Moore | Oct 04, 2018

This is one of the most amazing trips my wife, Beth, and I have ever taken. Machu Picchu is beyond words so I’ll let the picture do the talking.


Thank you Dr. Miller for your incredible insights into the some of the world’s greatest travel destinations.

I’ve been traveling to Africa for many years on medical missions. Kenya has amazing wildlife and warm, welcoming people. 



My son and daughter-in-law live and work in China, so I’ve had many opportunities to explore this country’s fascinating history and culture. I’m an avid runner and this photo is from the 2014 color run in Beijing.

We all know that travel is good for the soul, but did you know it’s just as good for the body? 
 Studies have shown that those who vacation more often have a lower risk of suffering a heart attack or dying from a heart related disease.

In addition, travel offers great benefits to your cognitive health. Researchers have found that because travel challenges our brains with new experiences, it promotes brain health in a fashion similar to doing crossword puzzles or playing Sudoku

This is part one of a series showcasing favorite travel destinations of DS2020's contributing doctors. Today, we feature Dr. Mark Miller, one of America's top plastic surgeons, as he tells us about a few of his favorite travel destinations. We hope his photos inspire your own sense of wonder, and encourage you to go out and make your own adventures and improve your health.

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Jen Moore

DS 2020 Editor